Natsumi Kuroda

Japanese actor based in London

Hight: 5'3''(160cm)
Build: petite
Appearance: Asian, East Asian, Japanese
Language: English, Japanese
Eye Colour: brown
Hair: black, long
Voice quality: warm, mature
Accent: Japanese


Kashima Shinryu Aikido & Sword work (black belt), singing (soprano classical, musical, Japanese folk song) dance (butoh, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, basic ballet) 

Award: Best Actress Award at ArtOkraina International Theatre Festival 2016 in St Petersburg, Russia
Best Actress at Nexus Film Awards and nominated for Best Actress at Midlands Movies Awards in 2019 for the role of Aiko in 'The Nail That Sticks Out'



My Friend Misty (SkyKids) Season 1,2
The Regime (HBO)

Video Game

Grid Legends 
Rise of the Ronin


The Phantom of the Open 
The Nail That Sticks Out


Sputnik Sweetheart (UK)
Arcola Theatre
Director: Melly Still

Letter from the Sea (Poland, Japan)

Polish Theatre Bydgoszcz, New National Theatre Tokyo

Director: Yojiro Ichikawa

Pearl and Dagger (UK)

Theatre Lapis

Director: Yojiro Ichikawa

The Little Michi Man (UK tour)
A Thousand Cranes
Director: Vicky Ireland

The Hand Maiden
Secret Cinema
Role: Lady Hideko (Lead)

Three Little Songs
ACO Okinawa, JP

Crazy God
Song of the Goat Theatre, Poland
Director: Grzegorz Bral
Role: Demon

The Temptation of St. Anthony
The Mecanical Animal Corporation, UK

Director: Tom Baily
Role: Ensemble

Hamlet! (UK, Egypt, India, Russia tour)
CoIn Theatre Company, UK
Director: Adam Burak
Role: Ophelia, Gertrude, Gravedigger

The Alchemist Theatre Company, UK
Director: Luke Clarke
Role: R&D performer

A Tale of Paper (Nationald Tour in Japan)
Art in Asibina, JP
Director: Toyoko Nishida
Role: Multiple Characters

Share Your Home Town (National Tour in Japan)
Theatre Seigei, JP
Director: Miki James
Role: Chigusa (Lead)

Kashikogi (National Tour in Japan)
JP Studio, JP
Director: Masahiro Hirata
Role: Jinhi

Theatre in Progress, JP
Director: Terry Hakes
Role: Emma

Miss Julie
Theatre in Progress, JP
Director: Terry Hakes
Role: Julie

Junkyard Angel
Luna Punk Variations, JP
Director: Eiichirou Honda
Role: Miyuki

Day the Bomb Fell on Hiroshima
Narcissist, JP
Director: Tentshuku Hazama
Role: Yuriko (Lead)

Ants' Nest
Tokyo Hambueger, JP
Director: Hiroki Onishi
Role: Chinatsu

Musical Site
Musical Za, JP
Director: Toshiaki Takemoto
Role: Hiromi

Musical Go Women!
Theatre Nom'b, JP
Director: Ren Iwasaki
Role: Ai

The Winds of God (National Tour in Japan)
Theatre Seigei, JP
Director: Tatsunosuke Takafuji
Role: Chiho

The Moon and the Ark
Staraydog, JP
Director: Toshiyuki Morioka
Role: Mizuguchi

Lonely Atom
Straydog, JP
Director: Toshiyuki Morioka
Role: Yumiko

The Sad Angel
Straydog, JP
Director: Toshiyuki Morioka

Role: Stera

Butoh dance productions

Shinra, JP
Choreographer: Ari
Role: Dancer, Narrator


East 15 Acting School, MFA Acting, 2 years, 2013 – 2015
The Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) acting short course
The Globe Theatre residence programme
Waseda University BA Theatre and Film Study

In English