Natsumi Kuroda

actor London
Emotion in movement

I was born and raised in Tokyo. After 10 years of acting in Japan, I came to the UK in 2013 with big dreams, and they have been coming true!

Recently I played a bad ass racing driver in 'Grid Legends' by Codemasters, and a savvy business person in 'The Phantom of the Open' staring the Oscar winner (and my personal hero) Mark Rylance.

I love experimenting movement, and creative devising process of theatre making. 

The world seems to be confusing who 'we' are, who 'they' are, and where the borders are. Through acting, I want to say all human beings are deep down the same. We all can share happiness and sadness, and there are no mysterious 'they' you can hurt or be indifferent to. I might be perceived as 'they' in the UK, but I believe my role is to show I am just one of you.

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