It’s been a month we embarked our new production, ‘Crazy God’ (inspired by ‘Hamlet’) at Song of the Goat Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland.  It will be a symphonic theatre piece, devised and performed by 17 talented performers from 14 countries. I can’t tell you how extraordinary the journey that I am experiencing through the rehearsal is, full of challenges, failures and discoveries.

We invited Ziya Azani for a two week training of Dervish Tango (a spinning dance, that ancient Muslim monks practiced for their enlightenment, known also as Sufi dance). The simple action of spinning made me open to a whole new world. When I spin, my vision becomes blurred, my ‘normal’ state of mind switches off, and ‘myself’ - who perceives this daily world - vanishes. Although it took time to readjust my sense of balance and not to vomit, this selfless state let us all together develop a series of incredible movement improvisations.

The brilliant 'wordplayer'/voice and text coach Alison Bomber also came to give us a body-centered approach to Shakespeare’s texts. I remember two and a half years ago, I was *super* struggling with Shakespeare: crying at acting school in London, and The Globe Theatre in London! Even modern English was a conundrum for me at that time. Fond memories... Now, I am so glad that I can truly appreciate the powerful text, and with joy (though I still struggle sometimes!).

Besides text and physical work, the important aspect is singing. We are rehearsing a lot of polyphonic music. The complex harmony of the compositions sometimes sounds like a solemn chant, sometimes a mental scream of urban people and it's challenging for me to sing together in the chorus. ‘Hey Natsumi, don’t sing alone’ from my colleagues teaches me the beauty of ensemble, togetherness, oneness.

The full rehearsals with our director Grzegorz Bral start this week. Thrilled! ‘Crazy God’ will premiere from 1st- 4th of July at The Polski Theatre in Wroclaw. You can find the information on the company’s website.

Song of the Goat Theatre website

Thank you for reading!